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Over the past three years Carmen has tremendously supported the APEX Conference. During her time as a Manager with Canada Bread, Carmen participated at APEX as a Silver level partner. Carmen played a critical role in her involvement as a moderator for our fireside chat and expertly challenged C-level speakers to share their personal experiences and industry insights with delegates attending the conference from across the nation. She also took the lead in hosting a workshop to share her vast experiences in the consumer packaged goods industry and informed students on the various opportunities available to them upon graduation from their undergraduate programs. It truly has been a pleasure working with Carmen these past three years and on behalf of the entire APEX executive team, I would like to thank Carmen for all her commitment and support to the APEX Conference. I would highly recommend anyone to work alongside Carmen in the near future!

Karan Joshi

Carmen graciously offered to help me enhance my resume and give me advice on how to grow my network. She taught me the importance of showcasing your personality through both your resume and cover letter. The advice she gave me has really helped me grow in my professional career, especially during interviews.

Geetika Bedi

It is rare to come across people who know how to engage a crowd like Carmen does. I had the opportunity to have her moderate the panel at the Show Me The Green 2018 conference where she did a wonderful job at asking thoughtful questions to the panelists. She also did an amazing job at keeping the audience engaged and if she noticed the audience's attention slipping, she switched it up in order to keep them engaged. Carmen has excellent public speaking skills and knows how to keep a crowd engaged. This is why Carmen gets my heartfelt recommendation

Bhavjas Malik