About Us


Spencer Consulting International is a combination of extensive experience, street smarts and just good ol' intuition.

Carmen Spencer has been referred to by her peers as the "person who knows how to get things done right and on time!", "someone who just tells it how it is", and "a professional who puts her peers first".  She has the ability to build relationships, identify others talents and drive her teams to success. 

Our goal is not to make your life decisions anymore complicated than they already are.  Our conversations are simple and our recommendations are always catered to you. 

Our Mission

To help all our clients discover what they know about themselves, but just need a little help uncovering! 

Our Values

  • Integrity above everything
  • Passionate about growth
  • Relationship Focused
  • Results Driven
  • Transparent Dialogue

Give us a ring, write us a line, we are here waiting for you!