No One Said The Journey Would Be Easy

"The only limitations in life exists in our minds. You can do anything you believe in" - unknown

Imagine waking up every morning and telling yourself this. Or, if you are religious reading a scripture that resonates with you and drives your most authentic self. The projects and tasks that you could accomplish would be guided with positive affirmations every step of the way.

It is easy for me to sit here behind my computer and give you simple solutions to find your purpose, but it was not always that way. This required a significant amount of self-reflection, prayer, reading, putting my thoughts to paper and discussion.

Knowing that I wanted to start Spencer Consulting International, realizing I wanted to give back to the neighborhoods that my parents grew up in, pursuing a company and a role that would appreciate my gifts and my skills, speaking my greatest into existence, wishing success, happiness and health to my friends and family and wanting to play a role in providing my nephew with an example of what it means to grow up in a strong, black, Caribbean household are all a direct correlation to me realizing what is my purpose!

Release your inhibitions, your fears, your doubts and start today. Recently I watched a snippet of a video where a woman said "the reason why a lot of people won't become who they want to be is because they're too often attached to who they've been". We often fear change so much that we would rather remain unhappy, lost and without purpose.

Here is an example of some of the work I did to make sure that I was no longer attached to "who I've been".

Sometimes I catch myself resorting back to my old way of thinking, but then I remember a good friend who used to walk into my office every morning and tell me "you are enough". I look at my parents and remember how much they love me and how much they believe in me. And, I remember I'm human and not without flaws.

Know that You Are Enough! Start your journey today.


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