What is Your Purpose?

Several weeks ago, during a 1-on-1 with a member of my team, they asked me what would I define as my purpose? Without hesitation, I responded, "Jace's aunty". It is not that I anticipated that they would be asking me this question or that I had time to prepare a carefully calculated answer, I just knew.

Purpose is a word that can be used in multiple contexts, it can either be a noun or a verb, and it can leave people questioning their existence. I am going to make every attempt not to go too deep with this discussion, but provide you with enough to start thinking about what is important to you.

Have you ever started a new role and although you thought you understood the requirements listed in the job description and why you were selected for the role, questioned within the first few weeks whether this was the place for you? Or, have you been employed with the same company, doing the same work and wondered exactly why you keep on waking up every morning and going into the office? These are some key indicators of a lack of purpose in your current life.

Lack of purpose can come in multiple forms: lack of engagement or excitement, a feeling of boredom, isolating yourself from friends and family. Let's be honest, even if we live to 100 years of age, who wants to feel like that for even a minute of their day? Good news for you, I have some ideas to help you alleviate those feelings and emotions!

  1. Think back to when you were a child, what made you happy? What made you smile? Channel those memories and think about what you can do at work to re-create those feelings.
  2. Engage in more conversations that motivate and energize you! Talk about things you are interested in with people you enjoy spending time with,
  3. Take some time to yourself! Write down the things you love and enjoy doing and explore how you can expose yourself to these things in your personal or professional life.
  4. Did someone say bucket list? What are the things you have always dreamed about doing, but never had time? It is time to make time - enjoy happiness, fun, love and all the other great emotions and feelings now

Will my nephew always be the center of my purpose? Probably not, I know he will grow up and start living his own life, but for now, he is what controls my work hours, manipulates my free time and drives my vacation schedule. If that is not the best "purpose", I'm not sure what is!

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